Polycalendar– PLACED ATOMS
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"One of the most beautiful calendars we can buy"


The time in front of you is what really matters.

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Time is precious but too easy to waste.
There's no yesterday when you're looking forward.

  • Polycalendar dimensions: 115*90cm (45.3*35.4"), 2,3kg (5.07lbs)


This right here, right now is the only moment that exist. It's the only time you can decide to take action towards your plan!
Sometimes we make the mistake to think our time is infinite and we have any excuse to waste it.

Giaco found out very early on that tricking your brain into realizing that the time is going backward it's a huge boost in productivity and it became his way of creating anything.

F#ck Dreams Make Plans!

A calendar for productive people.
It doesn't just tell you where you are but where you want to be.

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Universal Design

The clean and minimal design makes it a great and stylish companion of any ambient of your home, studio, or workshop.

Fu#k Dreams Make Plans

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Unmatched Paper Quality

You saw it in our promo video, it was not cinema trickery. We literally threw paint to the Polycalendar and the paper behind was absolutely undamaged. 170gsm of uncoated paper, it's just sexy to the touch.

No reflection

There's nothing like hanging something beautiful on the wall and being unable to enjoying it properly because of reflections. We tested dozens of paper quality to ensure that the Polycalendar stays awesome in virtually any lighting conditions.

Fixed shipping Price

If you know how much it costs to ship a big 3kg box you know it's a crazy good deal.

170 gsm Paper

This is art grade paper, you can use it for your art when the month is over!

Great support

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